Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hawkeye House w/ Sports Journalism Professor Dave Schwartz

Hawkeye House w/ Dave Schwartz - Josh Heyer

*As Charlie pointed out, James is the Ferentz getting into trouble. Not Brian as we said. His youngest son is Steven, who is 14.

** Jim Leavitt is the coach of USF, not UFC like I said.


  1. Also to be asterisked* — It's James Ferentz, not Brian Ferentz, getting in trouble. His son Brian already graduated from Iowa and James is his youngest son.

  2. Oh, good point. Misspoke there. Brian was the very good center from a couple years ago.

  3. my vote is 100% for bob sanders biting the head off of a chicken

  4. Biting the head off a chicken? Now that's the kind of gimmick the Iowa basketball team could use.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I could tell that Josh and Dave knew their Hawkeye sports and did a great job articulating their points. I thought the whole thing flowed pretty well.

    As far as the Todd Lickliter system, it might be the what Iowa needs to compete in the Big Ten right now when the rest of the league has the better athletes and players. Obviously Iowa needs to upgrade its talent from it is right now, though.



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