Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to the End

It's finally over.

They all come to this point at some time, it is inevitable.  I knew that when I couldn't get excited to write about the simply outrageous Miami trip (quick highlights:  seeing a 350+ pound woman and 50+ pound asian man hitting on Vanilla Ice in the airport, having my buddy Lundt go Jack Nicholson in The Departed on our foreign waitress for being bad at her job, my friend Austin being Dr. Miami all trip, swimming in the ocean when it was 50 degrees out, our terrible hotel room in our amazing hotel, Dr. Miami during the Orange Bowl, getting picked up from the Clevelander in a limo, having a homeless guy in Miami tell me I was Stanzi, Fred going half-terrorist and thus receiving first class seats and meal vouchers, semi-conciously driving home from Chicago and going into a sleep coma), it was time to mercy kill the blog.

I'll probably end up blogging again about something, whether it's my own adventures or the Hawkeyes.  I'm at an interesting point in my life where I'll have a lot of options/choices soon, so I'm really excited about that.  Quick thanks to everyone that visited, even if they didn't care what they're reading about and only visited cause it was me that was writing.  Thanks to my professor Dave for helping with the site, Bubba for being a trial, Marc Morehouse for recording my final project and essentially saving my grade, and BHGP for linking one of my stories and instantly making everything worth it. Until then, this site is left here to rot.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Coming Soon: The Miami Diaries

I'm so excited, I'm soooo exciiiiited, I'm so......scared...

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009: Iowa Football Top 10

Back in May, I compiled a list of who I thought would be the top 10 players of 2009.  Here's that post for evidence.

This is my pre-2009 list.  Not too shabby for putting it together in May.  Of course, Jewel tore his ACL and Bulaga had a "condition."

1. Bryan Bulaga

2. Amari Spievey
3. Adrian Clayborn
4. A.J. Edds
5. Pat Angerer
6. Tyler Sash
7. Ricky Stanzi
8. Ryan Donahue
9. DJK
10. Jewel Hampton

So here's the post-2009 list.

1.  Adrian Clayborn
2.  Pat Angerer
3.  Amari Spievey
4.  Tyler Sash
5.  Dace Richardson
6.  A.J. Edds
7.  Bryan Bulaga
8.  Marvin McNutt
9.  DJK
10.  Ricky Stanzi

Some clarifying points on the list:

  • Adrian was a bit of reach on the pre-2009 list at #3 as he had a good, but not great 2008 season.  However, I had a feeling that he could turn into an impact player and he did just that.  Clearly the best player on the team this season.  Also, Adrian announced today he was returning for his senior season.  Merry Christmas, Hawkeye fans.  Adrian is here to deliver presents BCS titles and eat your cookies opposing teams' quarterbacks. 
  • Pat Angerer is probably the least talked about, under-appreaciated first-team All-American in Hawkeye history.  Yes, everyone loves his quotes and his general demeanor.  People forget he had the 5th most tackles in the nation.  5th!
  • I put Dace at 5 because he was easily the best offensive player for the first half of the season.  We probably drop a game if he wasn't in there.  He wasn't on the pre-2009 list cause no one, including me, thought he would ever play again.  Will he be a Hawkeye in 2010?
  • Marvin McNutt and DJK could be in each other's spot.  DJK had more catches.  McNutt had more touchdowns.  That's the reason he gets the edge.
  • Bulaga is at seven because he got abused by Brandon Graham and O'Brien Schofield in the games after coming back from the thyroid.  He still dominated at times and certainly will eventually return to form, it's just a matter if it's as a senior with the Hawkeyes or in the NFL.
  • Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You Just Know Norm Has This on Repeat

You may remember (but probably not) that there was only one thing to do after Iowa's Orange Bowl announcement:  rage all day to this... the restart button on the raging.

Video by clarez1029

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Search for Sombreros: An Afternoon Delight

This is a story of two roommates, one of their fathers, and a burning desire to wear sombreros to Iowa's home finale against Minnesota.  Wearing sombreros not only visually states that we want and intend to go to the Party Bowl, but it piques female interest in Caucasian males disguised as Mexican rancheros.  Utilizing a photograph and a literary device called foreshadowing, we found the sombreros.

That's my roommate with the cactus.  To protect his identity, we'll call him Fred. 
The man to his left (our right) is Fred's brother, we'll call him Ryan. 
The photo-shopped man underneath him is Fred's father, we'll call him Craig.

*Scene:  2:30 pm, Friday afternoon, one day before Minnesota.  I had just finished a meeting with a CBS Executive and my last class before Thanksgiving break.  Fred and his father had just returned from the casino where Fred had won $400.  Everything was alright.

2:44 PM:  Fred and Craig pick me up to being our sombrero hunt adventure.  Obvious first stop: the mall.

3:00 PM:  We arrive at the mall parking lot.  Instantly, we watch a Jeep tailgating the rear end of a Ford Taurus driven by high school girls.  Because high school girls are the epitome of cool, they were screaming obscenities out the window.   I'm certainly not reprimanding this, I have screamed a fair share of obscenities out car windows, just not at three in the afternoon in a mall parking lot.

3:05 PM:  Fred and Craig began the sombrero search on their own because I had not yet eaten that day.  I have no idea how I hadn't passed out from hunger yet, but that's irrelevant.  Fred and Craig traveled to the stores in the mall we figured would most likely have sombreros:  Target and Hot Topic.  I chose to eat at Panda Express (Orange Chicken, yummy yummy).  Quick sidenote:  Can you even imagine if there was a Panda Express downtown?  It would trump Taco Bell in every possible way.  I would be 300 pounds and completely broke due only to late night dining.

3:20 PM:  Fred and Craig returned, only to inform me that neither of the stores had sombreros.  Label us disappointed.

3:30 PM:  Next stop, the local Salvation Army.  Although they did have a hat section, no sombreros in sight.  Also, you couldn't pay me $1000 to put on one of their stocking hats from the collection.  Yikes.

3:50 PM:  Craig said that one of the workers at Hot Topic mentioned that we should try Hobby Lobby.  Hot Topic and Hobby Lobby go together about as well as non-douchebags and Ed Hardy.  However, I had high hopes.

4:05 PM:  We arrive at Hobby Lobby.  To be honest, I have never in my life set foot in a Hobby Lobby, but I figured they have tons of useless crap in there, why not sombreros?

4:15 PM:  After searching and failing aimlessly, I approach a college aged guy regarding the whereabouts of the sombreros.  Instantly I noticed two things about said guy.  #1.  He hated his job more than I hate mine.  #2.  Hobby Lobby may be his employer the rest of his life.  I know this because when I approached him, he greeted me with a "What's up, dude?"  When I asked about sombreros, his response was "Shit, dude.  I don't know, man.  I don't think we have any.  But I'm not sure, dude." 

Although he was a moron, he led us in the weirdest and most interesting direction of the entire trip.

He mentioned that he knew of a small, Mexican grocery store located behind Taco John's.

4:35 PM:  After no less than 10 minutes of searching for the aforementioned store, we finally located a building with a "La Lupita" sign on.  Figuring this was what the Hobby Lobby duder was talking about, we discussed both the possibilities of going in the store of coming out alive.

4:40 PM:  After minutes of second guessing, we decided the need for sombreros was greater than the need for our own lives.  Upon entering the building, I see some of the most disturbing things I've seen in my time in Iowa City.  These weren't just normal, "That's sorta weird" type things.  These are like signs that are in horror movies when you know that you're screwed.  Like finding a relatives head located somewhere in your house.  Or suddenly the phone lines and your cell phone don't work - AT THE SAME TIME.  Those kind of disturbing things.  (Signs you'll die in a horror movie:  you're a young, attractive virgin, you're black, or you're stupid.  All these things mean you're dead.). 

Anyway, Craig, Fred, and I enter La Lupita.  The first thing we see is a lady with a helmet on leaving the "store."  Check.  Next, an extremely elderly gentleman who can barely walk exits.  It's like they knew we were coming in.  Check.  We notice that there is one cashier and he is standing behind a tinted, probably bulletproof glass barrier.  Check.  Finally, this wasn't actually a grocery store, but a collection of miscellaneous goods.  How the Hobby Lobby guy knew about this place is the real question.  It had everything from cowboy hats to cornflakes to marshmallows to jacks.  It was a crazy place.  Seeing no sombreros anywhere and fearing for our lives, we bolted to continue searching.

5:00 PM:  We drive across town.  We are discouraged, but not defeated.  We must have the sombreros.

5:10 PM:  Our group searches both Stuff and Goodwill only to come up short again.  Craig contemplates buying some shoes at Stuff for his wife for Christmas.  That would have ended up being the worst decision of the trip.  Please note we should have been murdered in a Mexican grocery store.  And buying your wife discounted shoes at the Stuff boutique is a worse decision.  She'll notice and you'll be in an endless hell.  Trust me, Craig.

5:30 PM:  Fully demoralized at this point, we begin discussing alternate options.  Some of them being: calling Carlos O'Kelly's to see if they rent their birthday sombreros, going into restaurants to see if they have sombreros on the walls (we did this), or trying to find a young child's birthday fiesta siesta. 

With none of these options being at all plausible, we decide that all hope is lost and it wasn't meant to be.  My mood at that point was somewhere between Ryan from the O.C. and Brock Lesnar.  I was an emotional explosion waiting to happen.

5:35 PM:  Fred is driving to our apartment.  Talk of watching the miserable Hawkeye basketball team begins.  This is the worst.

5:40 PM:  On our way home, we drive past the Aero Party and Rental Shoppe.  Craig things we should stop.  I'm pouting.  Fred agrees with Craig only because of their father-son connection.  Fred pulls the car into the lot and we hop out.  Through the window I see items I haven't seen in any of the other stores:  huge palm trees, streamers, etc.  I begin to get excited.  The excitement turns to anxiety, so I run into the store.  The lady at the counter looks at me funny, mainly because I'm 21 and running into/through the store like a child.

It was at this point that I knew this was the place.  I began laughing, slowly at first, while furiously pacing in between shelves.

Finally.  I had found them.  Sombreros stacked gloriously into the air.  My laughter turned hysterical, Fred had joined by that point too.  And I couldn't stop.  Just laughing.  We purchased six sombreros, a package of fake mustaches, and an inflatable cactus.

Mission Accomplished.

7:00 AM, the next day:  After a hard night of.....studying, our apartment begins the ritual of the trek to Kinnick.  Quick showers, Lupe Fiasco blaring, and we're off with our tickets, sombreros, and mustaches.

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Check out -2:50 of this video.  Clearly, I was appalled at this guy.  Who wears a beret and brings a dog to a football game?  Per Mar isn't going to stand for that type nonsense.  Especially the beret.

10:00 PM, Saturday Night:  The Brother's (The bar, not the movie where everyone thinks Spiderman is dead, so Donnie Darko begins to romp with Padmé, but Spiderman isn't dead and goes apeshit.) bouncer asked if the sombrero was going to be a problem.  Obviously it was.  Obviously I answered, "Of course not."  Little did he know, my sombrero and I were about to ruin some girl's birthday.  Live and learn, bouncer.

The real lesson from this story is this:  don't be afraid to spend 3+ hours on a Friday afternoon in search of a necessity.

Dear God, please let us go to the Fiesta Bowl so we can bust out the sombreros with good and righteous reason.  I'm wearing mine to the airport.

*Photo Credits, Top to Bottom:  Quad City Times, Matthew Holst of the Iowa City Press-Citizen, The (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Des Moines Register
*Video Credits:  KCRG
*Adventure Credit:  Fred and Craig

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