Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to the End

It's finally over.

They all come to this point at some time, it is inevitable.  I knew that when I couldn't get excited to write about the simply outrageous Miami trip (quick highlights:  seeing a 350+ pound woman and 50+ pound asian man hitting on Vanilla Ice in the airport, having my buddy Lundt go Jack Nicholson in The Departed on our foreign waitress for being bad at her job, my friend Austin being Dr. Miami all trip, swimming in the ocean when it was 50 degrees out, our terrible hotel room in our amazing hotel, Dr. Miami during the Orange Bowl, getting picked up from the Clevelander in a limo, having a homeless guy in Miami tell me I was Stanzi, Fred going half-terrorist and thus receiving first class seats and meal vouchers, semi-conciously driving home from Chicago and going into a sleep coma), it was time to mercy kill the blog.

I'll probably end up blogging again about something, whether it's my own adventures or the Hawkeyes.  I'm at an interesting point in my life where I'll have a lot of options/choices soon, so I'm really excited about that.  Quick thanks to everyone that visited, even if they didn't care what they're reading about and only visited cause it was me that was writing.  Thanks to my professor Dave for helping with the site, Bubba for being a trial, Marc Morehouse for recording my final project and essentially saving my grade, and BHGP for linking one of my stories and instantly making everything worth it. Until then, this site is left here to rot.

Stuff, things, and Jermire Roberts,


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