Monday, December 21, 2009

2009: Iowa Football Top 10

Back in May, I compiled a list of who I thought would be the top 10 players of 2009.  Here's that post for evidence.

This is my pre-2009 list.  Not too shabby for putting it together in May.  Of course, Jewel tore his ACL and Bulaga had a "condition."

1. Bryan Bulaga

2. Amari Spievey
3. Adrian Clayborn
4. A.J. Edds
5. Pat Angerer
6. Tyler Sash
7. Ricky Stanzi
8. Ryan Donahue
9. DJK
10. Jewel Hampton

So here's the post-2009 list.

1.  Adrian Clayborn
2.  Pat Angerer
3.  Amari Spievey
4.  Tyler Sash
5.  Dace Richardson
6.  A.J. Edds
7.  Bryan Bulaga
8.  Marvin McNutt
9.  DJK
10.  Ricky Stanzi

Some clarifying points on the list:

  • Adrian was a bit of reach on the pre-2009 list at #3 as he had a good, but not great 2008 season.  However, I had a feeling that he could turn into an impact player and he did just that.  Clearly the best player on the team this season.  Also, Adrian announced today he was returning for his senior season.  Merry Christmas, Hawkeye fans.  Adrian is here to deliver presents BCS titles and eat your cookies opposing teams' quarterbacks. 
  • Pat Angerer is probably the least talked about, under-appreaciated first-team All-American in Hawkeye history.  Yes, everyone loves his quotes and his general demeanor.  People forget he had the 5th most tackles in the nation.  5th!
  • I put Dace at 5 because he was easily the best offensive player for the first half of the season.  We probably drop a game if he wasn't in there.  He wasn't on the pre-2009 list cause no one, including me, thought he would ever play again.  Will he be a Hawkeye in 2010?
  • Marvin McNutt and DJK could be in each other's spot.  DJK had more catches.  McNutt had more touchdowns.  That's the reason he gets the edge.
  • Bulaga is at seven because he got abused by Brandon Graham and O'Brien Schofield in the games after coming back from the thyroid.  He still dominated at times and certainly will eventually return to form, it's just a matter if it's as a senior with the Hawkeyes or in the NFL.
  • Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know.

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