Thursday, September 17, 2009

Totally non-football, non-Hawkeye related. But hey, it was in Iowa...

Another mental evaluation set for man accused of cutting out father’s pacemaker.

See those big, bold words above this sentence.  Those.  No, the ones below the picture.  Got it?

This was an actually headline on the Gazette's website.  There's a story that accompanies it, but for no reason really.  It really could be a 25 word article.  This man is so screwed in court because he tried to cut out his father's pacemaker, which is essentially like cutting out his heart anyway. 

And he's going through another mental evaluation?  My diagnosis:  F'n insane.  Not the clinical kind where you get off withour repercussions, but the kind where people in prison find out about it and make you their mistress for the rest of your stay.  Enjoy.

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