Monday, October 12, 2009

No Turnover: Michigan

Because life has insisted on repeatedly slapping my face for the majority of the upcoming week, the Turnover has been canceled due to lack of hustle.  And time.  UGH.

Of course there is this.  From fossilhawk at BHGP

Quick Slants

  • The aptly-named Michigan CB Boubocar Cissoko ceases play after being suspended indefinitely.

  • Another Stanzi pick six.  Yiiiikes

  • Going into the game, I thought Ryan Donahue was clearly the best punter in the Big 10.  Clearly, I was mistaken.  Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko was impressive all game, including a 61-yard beezy.

  • Denard Robinson is really, really fast.  Like 4.26 fast.  Good thing he can't pass at all.

  • The Hawkeyes are 6-0 for the first time since 1985.  Iowa is now ranked 11th going into Wisconsin.

  • Big 10 Offensive Player of the Week:  Tony Moeaki.  Six passes, 105 yards, two touchdowns.  Not too shabby for his first game back.  Obviously, this guy is a physical freak.  The key is just staying healthy.  Although not yet on the injured listed, Hawkeye House expects him to be back for the Ohio State game and the bowl game.

  • Speaking of Moeaki, Stanzi made a great audible for a well-designed play on Moeaki's first touchdown.  Stanzi read all out blitz and audibled.  Moeaki blocked for a second, let the linebacker covering him rush Stanzi, and then released up the seam.  Beautiful.

  • The defense finally allowed a rushing touchdown for the first time since Penn State last year.  This was the type of stat that, although very impressive, doesn't mean much.  Especially since Michigan had three rushing touchdowns.

  • Tate Forcier is a little girl.

  • Kinnick looked gorgeous from the blimpshots.

  • All around, it was a massive, massive weekend.

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