Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Turnover: Arkansas State

What really happened in Hawkeyeland this weekend?

Stanzi likes his loincloths

The Hangover

I had one.  The Hawkeyes had one.  Everyone and their mother had a hangover Saturday morning.  Smack-dab in between two ABC Primetime games was pesky Arkansas State.  This was a trap game in every sense of the term.  Even Captain Kirk went as far as acknowledging it.  The Hawkeyes are very lucky that this was a Sun Belt team and not a Big 10 team, cause the performance was certainly lackluster. 

Iowa jumped out to a 14-0 lead very early in the game and coasted through the rest of the game.  This game was eerily similar to the Purdue game of last year.  Iowa had just come off a victory Penn State.  Iowa was playing an inferior opponent.  Iowa escaped with a victory.  Sound familiar?  Last year, Shonn Greene made Purdue safety Frank Duong his mistress, twice.  This year, Stanzi mixed in 296 yards passing with three long touchdown passes to go along with two interceptions; one of those picks scored six points for other team.  No good.

Spillin' it all over Arkansas State

Spill that McNutt

Marvin McNutt finally did what all Hawkeye fans thought he was very capable of:  take over a game and be a BIG TIME receiver.  4 catches, 121 yards, 2 touchdowns.  Hopefully, this can continue during the rest of the Big 10 slate.  He's big, fast, and has great hands.  The more he plays, the better. 

Plus, he recovered the onside kick that essentially sealed the victory.  Versatility.

To be honest, I only wrote this in a seperate section because I wanted to write that headline.  Colour me immature. 

There is no way Leonard didn't have an accident in his drawers.  Terrifying.

The Cool

Frankly, this game was boring.  Really boring.  I don't know if it was the opponent, the lack of exciting plays, the weather, but it was one of the least exciting games I've ever been to.  Ever.  The game was never quite out of reach and never quite in jeopardy.  There's not really much to take from a trap game like this.

However, just when I thought the Saturday couldn't get any worse, this kid starts dancing and totally redeems itself. 

This was one of the coolest, non-football related things in Kinnick.  Myself, along with 20,000 other people in Kinnick, were in absolute bits watching him.  I hope and pray that this becomes a half-time ritual.  This kid will become a legend on campus. In fact, he probably already is.

Quick Slants

  • Tyler Sash collected his 5th interception of the season.  It's getting a little out of hand.
  • Bulaga played well the entire game.  Despite that, the running game couldn't get going.
  • Iowa has the second-longest winning streak, behind only Florida.
  • College Gameday will be at LSU-Florida thanks to Michigan losing and the Hawks playing poorly.
  • Willie Lowe got picked on pretty bad most of the game.  Shaun Prater should return from a sprained knee this weekend.  Moeaki should return to action against Michigan, only to be re-injured instantly.
  • Despite the plea, Karl Klug was not brought out in a cage.  Disappointed.
  • Next weekend is a BLACKOUT.  A push for a Gold Rush through an athletic department poll was ignored.  The choice does make a bit of sense.  It'll be decently chilly for the game.  More people have black coats than gold coats.  Personally, gold would look better at night.  But if everyone participates, the BLACKOUT should be sweeeeeet.   
*Photo credit to Dan Williamson of the Press-Citizen

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