Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Turnover: Northwestern

What really happened Hawkeyeland this weekend?

Before we get to breaking down the awfulness that was Saturday, I realized that something much more devasting had happened.  While checking out the Google Diagnostics for this site for class, which by the way are super creepy and even more proof Google will soon take over the world, I found something very disturbing.  The word "mustache" is only the 63rd most common word Google found while crawling my site.  It was behind words like yards, plays, tackle, and school.  Pathetic.  This aggression will not stand, man.  I'll try to make up for it in the future.  Until then...

Mustache.  Mustache.  Mustache.  Mustache. Mustache.  Mustache.  Mustache.

There.  That should do the trick.

Welcome to Heartbreak

Godspeed Rick

Everyone who was paying attention to this team knew it was going to lose eventually.  It had too many flaws.  Too many injuries:  Richardson, Robinson, Greenwood, Bulaga, Sandeman, and more.  Too little continuity among the offensive line.  Too few guys on offense that can take over game.

The loss was probably going to happen.  That's a fact.  Maybe at Ohio State.  Maybe Minnesota.  Maybe in the Rose Bowl.  No one thought it would be at the hands of Northwestern.  Or quite literally, at the hands of Northwestern DE Corey Wooten, who planted Stanzi and the Hawk's hopes of a national title firmly in the north end zone turf.  Suddenly, Stanzi, his ankle and his gigantic-offense-leading cajones were no longer available to bail out the struggling offense.  For all his throws into quadruple coverage, four interception quarters, and general craziness, he is the the face of the offense.  His calm demeanor allows for the drive at Michigan State, the fourth quarter explosion versus Indiana.

This time Stanzi wasn't there to rescue the Hawkeyes.  Instead, he was standing on the sideline with a boot and crutches.  Standing where he'll remain for the rest of the regular season. 

Dear James...


With Stanzi out for good, your Iowa Hawkeyes QB is redshirt freshman James Vandenberg.  He threw a pick on his first pass against Northwestern.  He went 9-27.  He couldn't lead the Hawkeyes to any points.  He has to make his second collegiate start against the Big 10's best defense in the Horseshoe.

All signs point to the fact that the Hawkeyes are screwed this weekend.  I don't necessarily think so.

I like Vandenburg.  A lot.  He's got a live arm, didn't get happy feet in the pocket, and threw it away when he needed to.  Of course, he missed throws I believe he can make.  The overthrows to McNutt in the endzone and to DJK on the fly can be attributed to adrenaline.  Making your first start in front of 70,000 people with a perfect season on the line would do damage to anyone's nerves.

However, Ohio State won't care one bit.  It certainly is going to be extremely difficult.  I'm excited to see what the young gun can do though.  This year, I've learned not too be surprised.

Quick Slants

                               The only good thing that happened all day. 

  • The Hawkeyes lost the turnover margin 4-1.  That can't happen against OSU.

  • DJK has looked good on kickoff returns.  However, he's stopped on some his routes lately.  Don't know what the deal is there.

  • The Rafael Eubanks holding call on Brandon Wegher's TD run was terrible.  Terrible.  Also, Wegher is ultra fast.

  • Here's to hoping Greenwood is back this week.  Although Conklin hasn't looked too bad in his spot, experience is everything.

  • Iowa will need to use their tight ends to move the ball.  They've been in helping the offensive line.  Moeaki has to be out getting double teams or making plays. 

  • Will Adam Robinson be back this week? It couldn't hurt.
*Photo credit to Matthew Holst and Dan Williamson

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