Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Two Deeps

SE - Sandeman, Johnson-Koulianos, Chaney
LT - Bulaga, Zusevics
LG - Vandervelde, Eubanks/Haganman
C - Koeppel, Ferentz
RG - Kuempel/Doering, Gettis
RT - Calloway, Reiff
TE - Moeaki, Reisner, Herman
QB - Stanzi, Vandenberg, Wienke
WR - Stross, McNutt
RB - Hampton, O'Meara, Brinson
FB - Morse, Leppert

DE - Clayborn, Geary
DT - Klug, Bigach
DT - Daniels, Hundertmark
DE - Ballard, Binns
OLB - Edds, Nielsen/Johnson
MLB - Angerer, Coleman
WLB - Hunter, Tarpinian
CB - Bernstine, Prater, Castillo
CB - Spievey, Lowe
SS - Sash, Cato
FS - Greenwood, Swanson

Special Teams
PK - Murray, Mossbrucker
P - Donahue, Guthrie
LS - Schulze, Murphy
H - Donahue
PR - Sandeman
KR - Hampton, Johnson-Koulianos

Only real surprises are at wide receiver where Colin Sandeman is listed in front of DJK. Johnson-Koulianos really came on late in the year, but I've been a big fan of Sandeman since the Iowa State game two years ago at Jack Trice. Also, it is really weird not seeing Kroul and King penciled in at DT. I'm sure it'll take a couple of games to get used to them not being on the field as well.

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  1. Your right it is surprising to see Sandeman listed ahead of DJK. But, I wouldn't expect that to be something carries over into the season. Also, I look for Brinson to jump Paki for second string RB.

  2. Yes, forgot to mention that. It's probably just a shout-out to Paki for practicing hard, being a team leader, etc. Don't forget, Paki is no Sam Brownlee, when he gets in there, he gets some things done.

  3. Aaron FriederichApril 5, 2009 at 1:42 PM

    I'm excited about Sash this fall... he's going to cause some damage.



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