Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 10 Sports Meltdowns

Disclaimer: These videos may or may not (they do) contain language that is unsuitable for some people and most children. Watch accordingly.

10. Jim Boeheim - Syracuse Orange Head Coach

Apparently Coach Boeheim thinks Gerry is a good little ball player.

9. Phillip Wellman - Mississippi Braves AA Manager

I almost refused to put this one on here because I think Phil did this mostly for attention. I can't help myself though, it's too good.

8. Kevin Borseth - Michigan Women's Head Basketball Coach

Hawkeye House's pre-analyzation

7. Dennis Green - Arizona Cardinals Head Coach

As a Vikings fan, I find it hard to say that I would much rather take a crazy, ranting Denny Green than an inept Mike Tice or Brad Childress.

6. John Chaney - Temple Owls Head Coach

When an old, very angry black man tells you he's going to kick your ass, you listen. Coach Cal, are you listening? Be careful.

5. Bob Knight - Indiana Hoosiers Head Coach

I don't think mothers across the United States are buying Bob Knight's reasons why he likes the F bomb.

4. Mike Gundy - Oklahoma St. Cowboys Head Coach

Is there anything else to say about this one?

3. Chris Berman

Berman gets the trifecta because...

a. He doesn't like people ducking under the camera.
b. He likes to swear.
c. He's got a thing for redheads.

2. Jim Mora - The King of Head Coaches

I really, seriously wanted this one at #1, but the red-headed kid that can't talk good always takes the cake. Jim Mora needs to be back in the NFL soon. He's clearly the best coach in the history of coaching to give a press conference. If the Lions hired him, I would (maybe) watch a game just to see how Mora breaks down afterward.

Notice how when he punches the wall around the 2:50 mark, it says he's fired on the ticker. Comedic timing, my friends.

1. Boom Goes the Dynamite

I'm not sure if there will ever be a video that tops this. Massive breakdown, perfect uncomfortable teen, hilarious one-liners. The perfect storm. Congrats.

So let me know what you think? The order? Better meltdowns? Favorites? Others deserving of honors? Let me know and comment here.


  1. Oh sweet mother of god, that #1 with that sports anchor...holy crap, that was just horrifying. I'm gonna be honest, I would probably go get a job in fast food if something like that happened to me. Jesus.

  2. Yo Josh, it's TU, gotta say those videos were pretty fricking awesome. I really liked the Chris Berman were he goes off at people in the background.

  3. O man thats hilrious..boom goes the dynamite

  4. I don't think that kid will be able to get a serious job ever again. That video has almost 2.5 million views. Yikes.

  5. That's a pretty good list there. What about Mike Singletary's from this past year? Something out he only gets "football players" not non-factors like Vernon Davis?

  6. That's a good one.

    Here's the link.

    Cant play with em. Can not win with them. Can not coach with em. Cant do it.

  7. Tell me this kid tried out for ESPN's Dream Job

  8. Chris Berman reminds me of the douche without the profanity

  9. Great idea, I almost did this same thing. That #1 will never get old.

    Here's another good one:

    Just audio, but plenty of f-bombs.

  10. I heard that the student sportscaster in the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" video was placed in a tough situation. Apparently he was a last minute fill-in, having never been on air before. In addition, the teleprompter ran way behind. That's what someone told me anyway. Still, very funny video.

  11. Eddie: That was a good one. I had forgotten about that, intense.

    Jacob: I heard the same thing about that sportscaster. If that's true, that he was in a tough position. However, his pronunciation of the basketball All-Americans is hilarious regardless.

  12. Bob Knight's halftime speech is about as intimidating as it gets



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