Monday, March 2, 2009

Prater Suspended after OWI


Shaun Prater was cited for drunken driving early Saturday morning. Coach Ferentz isn't going easy on him easy. He said that Shaun will face a "multiple-game suspension in the fall." Not very smart for a potential start. He and Jordan Bernstine would have been vying for Bradley Fletcher's vacated corner spot.

My favorite line is when Prater told police officers that the bartender "must have put alcohol in his Coca-Cola."

I must have had a similar type of bartender that night. Why? Because that's what bartenders do when you order an alcoholic beverage.

Here's a link to the Gazette article.


  1. I mean this kind of stuff happends (just look at Iowa over the last couple years) but seriously Prater, with the excuse? I would think that this gives Bernstine a leg up in the competition for the spot opposite Amari Spievey.

  2. I agree. Lame excuse. What is it with Iowa football players anyway?

  3. Yes, it looks really bad because it's an Iowa football player, but there are athletes on other teams making similar mistakes that just don't get caught or don't get the press when they do. I'm not defending him by any means (especially with all the trouble those football players have been getting into over the past few years), I'm just saying. It's a slippery slope...



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