Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michigan Matchup



" *sigh*... I'm not gonna sleep."

(The last one is easily my favorite. I don't really know why. I picture him doing something really, really crazy after that press conference. Like going home to his family after the game, freaking out even more over the offensive rebounds, dabbling in insomnia, capturing one of those face/hand-eating chimpanzees and robbing a Denny's somewhere in Michigan. If I somehow missed this actually happening in the news, I apologize.)

And how about that entrance? Flying karate chop to the table. HIIIIIIIII-YA! That's the way I'm going to enter everywhere I go: work, class, bars, ping-pong tournaments, restaurants, everywhere.

That was almost completely unrelated, and definitely pointless, so here's the potential starting line-up match-ups for this afternoon's game.

PG: Jermain Davis v. Kelvin Grady

Jermain Davis is injured. No question about it. Watching him try and play point guard hurt gives me the exact same feeling I get when I walk by the vomit trees on Iowa's campus. Michigan sophomore Kelvin Grady is probably the least effective player in the starting line up, but he isn't asked to be. He doesn't turn the ball over and distributes it at a decent rate.

(Editors Note: Sounds like Jermain is out today too. The Hawks are going to be hard pressed not turning the ball over at an alarming rate today. I have no idea who will be bringing the ball up if Kelly has to go out.)

Advantage: Grady. Undoubtedly now.

SG: Devan Bawinkel v. Corperryale Harris

BARHAHAHAHAHA. Coach Lick isn't dumb enough to make Bawinkel guard Manny, Kelly probably will, but the notion that they match-up is hilarious. Harris is the 2nd leading scorer in the Big 10, averaging 17.2 points per game to go along with 7.1 rebounds per game. Bawinkel shoots 3's and picks up his dribble at the top of the key.

Advantage: I think you know.

SF: Jake Kelly v. Stu Douglass

I think Iowa actually has an advantage here. Kelly returned to form against a defensive-minded Purdue team last week. Kelly is averaging nearly 10 ppg, while Douglass averages 5.7. Jake will probably have to play point again, which means the Hawks will run constant pick and rolls at the top of the key, which is what Lick's offense with the young Hawks turns into most of the time anyway. Douglass doesn't do much for me nor the Wolverines.

Advantage: Kelly

SF2: Matt Gatens v. Zack Novak

Gatens leads the Hawks in both scoring and waking up the drowsy Carver "faithful." He's a shoe-in for the Big 10's All-Freshman team. It wouldn't surprise me if he wins Freshman POTY, that's how good this kid is. He's the cornerstone of the program. However, Michigan freshman Zack Novak is no slouch. He's the fourth leading scorer on the Wolverines and absolutely bombs in from deep, hitting at a 35% clip on 118 shots.

Advantage: Gatens

PF: Jarryd Cole v. DeShawn Sims

Jarryd Cole is recovering nicely after he tore his knee up. He's finally "there" on both the physical and mental levels. DeShawn Sims is who Cole should aspire to me. Leading the Wolverines in rebounding and second in scoring, Sims forms John Belein's 1-2 punch with Harris. Michigan has relied on them all year. Today will be no different. Cole's stats are actually lower than his level of play, so this should be an interesting head-to-head.

Advantage: Sims

Peterson and Tate are probably out. Tucker and Angle are definitely out. The Vegas line is at Iowa (-.5), apparently they know something we don't. Tipoff is at 4 in Carver.

God help us.

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  1. What a performance by Jake Kelly! Holy cow, you'd have a hard time finding a bigger critic of Kelly than I've been, but I was blown away by how well he played today, especially when it really counted (i.e. in overtime).



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