Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greene Footage

The NFL Network is clearly a communist organization.

My main points:

  1. Approximately somewhere around the made-up statistic of 4% of Americans get to see the entirety of the Thursday night games they air. I know I don't. And that's all I care about. Call it selfish. I call it entitlement.
  2. They poached Rich Eisen.
  3. They only list "top performers" in their combine coverage. Clearly, none of our receivers at the combine (I wonder who the last one was. Not this guy.) are running 4.3's in a scamper of 120 feet.
  4. The won't allow me to embed their videos of combine coverage. So I have to link it.
  5. I want my own network. Suggestions for cool names for the network are welcome.

So that last one isn't valid at all. But here's the link to the video. Shonn comes on around 1:50. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. 1. that "not this guy" line is hilarious. oh Dominique.

    2. even in that short little clip of Greene you can tell he is beastly. also, i noticed when he ran through the cones he switch the ball from either side. is that normal?



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