Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So it has been rumored over the intranet that Iowa is unveiling some new uniforms against Purdue this Saturday on Valentine's Day.

Ironically, I love them. Especially the black ones.

Apparently these new uniforms are the Nike fit ones that the likes of Ohio State and Syracuse wear. It'll be interesting to see Kelly and Bawinkel swim in these jerseys.

What does everyone think of the new unis?

Note: I totally stole the image from Black Heart Gold Pants.


  1. I think the black ones look sharp too. But where did the white uni's go? I don't like the yellow jerseys, especially if it really says "Hawkeyes" on them. I guess it was about time for something new though. I'm surprised it took this long to get new uniforms.

  2. I think they should wear pink jerseys on Valentine's Day. Maybe it would give them more confidence - you know, kind of intimidate the other team in a weird kind of way. Really though, it kind of goes with the holiday, plus all the women's sports do it in support of breast cancer. And it would make a great photo opp.

    But I guess if you can't see the guys in pink, the black ones are pretty sharp. Are they going to have names on the back? As a photog, I hate when jerseys don't have names on the back.

  3. I believe that Lickliter said in his inital press conference that jerseys will have the names on the back from know on, even though it took them awhile to do that last season.

    I think the pink jerseys would make Robbie Hummel and the rest of the Boilermakers feel crazy weird. It'd look insane. Plus the lady who was suing the university over the pink locker rooms would probably have a stroke hearing the news.

  4. To be honest, I actually think the current jerseys are really sharp. I'd rather keep them than these new ones. Just my opinion though.

  5. I know it'd never go, but wouldn't it be great?

    And you're right, she probably would have a stroke.



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