Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ferentz extension through 2015

Adam Rittenberg, ESPN blogger for Big 10 football, is reporting Kirk Ferentz recieved a new seven-year contract extension that runs through 2015.

Read the article here.


  1. Wow! I'm seriously suprised to hear this; a lot of my friends who play on the team didn't even think that his contract would be renewed. Thats really suprising to hear!

  2. I didn't find the extension surprising with the amount of interest Ferentz drew in the Scott Pioli sweepstakes in the NFL's off-season. Athletics director Gary Barta wanted to make a statement with Ferentz that quite simply, he is here to stay and if Pioli couldn't lure him away, nobody will. You can't talk about Ferentz without bringing up his monstrous contract — roughly $3.4 annually — but quite honestly I think Iowa is in a great situation by extending him. It was reported last week that the Iowa football program generated $11 profit for the university in the fiscal 2008 and Ferentz's relationships with all the boosters is a big reason for that.
    I'd like to think those within the program are pleased to see his extension; a steady coaching regime and Ferentz's loyalty have been big reasons for the Iowa's growth in the last decade.

  3. Figured theyd sign him to like a 4 yrs deal... Whooow daddy hot damn



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