Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hawkeye House Podcast

My friend Bubba and I discuss his failed blog, finals week, the NFL Draft, and the return of The Office.

Click below to listen to the full podcast.
hawkeyehouse1 - Josh Heyer


  1. Not sure how to feel, after getting so much enjoyment out of that half hour conversation between you and bubba. I can't wait for this fall.

  2. this was pretty awesome. how did you get the little podcast player and whatnot?

  3. Josh, that was great. You sounded very comfortable on your podcast.

    Some random thoughts:

    Bubba forgot where Jay Cutler was traded to? haha.

    Sorry you lost your bet about Shonn Greene. I think Greene was a an early second-rounder in terms of talent. He was a great day two pick for the Jets.

    As far as the South Carolina players picked in the draft, I wasn't too surprised. They had some talented athletes, they just weren't nearly as good as Iowa as a TEAM.

    The Office is awesome. Michael Scott is a genius--he really pulled one on Dunder Mifflin.



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