Monday, April 6, 2009

More on Ferentz, Derby, and Christensen

Some excerpts from the Gazette's Scott Dochterman's blog...

"James Ferentz, Tyler Christensen and Zachary Derby were arrested by the University of Iowa Public Safety, for public intoxication around 2 a.m. this morning near Old Capitol Mall. All three were taken to the Johnson County Jail and were released this morning."

So they went downtown on a Sunday night?

“It was very disappointing to learn of the behavior of our three players last night,” Coach Ferentz said in a statement. “Short term, all three will be suspended for the remainder of spring practice and they will be expected to fulfill significant community service obligations the next several weekends. Additional action will be determined at a later point and return to the team will be based on additional criteria.”

I cannot even fathom the hell they will have to go through to return to the team. Especially for James. He was expected to compete for a starting spot, probably center. He can probably start re-thinking that option.

"According to UI police complaints, Christensen, a red-shirt freshman fullback from Belmond, approached an off-duty officer wanting to fight. When on-duty officers arrived, Christensen had slurred speech, red bloodshot eyes and admitted drinking at Iowa City’s Fieldhouse bar but refused to take a blood-alcohol test. Christensen then admitted to UI police he had broken the arms off of a parking gate at the mall’s entrance. UI police then called Iowa City Police, who arrested Christensen for fifth-degree criminal mischief."

Meets the criteria for like a brilliant guy. Wants to fight an off-duty officer, check. Breaking arms off the parking gate, check. Suspension, check.

"Derby, a 19-year-old red-shirt freshman tight end from Iowa City, joined Christensen in wanting to fight an off-duty police officer, according to the complaint. Derby’s blood-alcohol level was .211 before the arrest."

.211? Cripes. These three didn't just head downtown for an underage drink or two. They were out to get hammered drunk. Maybe they thought they couldn't get in trouble Sunday night. They definitely thought wrong.


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  1. .211?!?!?!?! Really? Who goes out on Sunday nights anyways... That's pretty lame.



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