Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Undrafteds

So who out of the Hawkeye senior class wasn't drafted?

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He looks like a good little boy there. He's not. Well, first and certainly foremost, the All-American Bad Ass Mitch King was not drafted. (I know, WTFTF? Right. Come on NFL GM's, please tell me that you're smarter than this.)

Okay, you run a 3-4. You have no use for him. Understandable.

Wait, what!? You run a 4-3. And while you passed on King, you drafted some defensive tackle who has never even heard of a swim move and couldn't define intensity if it was on the Wonderlic. I will never understand the Draft. One would think average college football fans could easily have jobs as scouts. On that notion, we might as well be coaches too, cause everyone knows more than the coach. But I digress.

King signed with the Tennessee Titans. I can see King and Vince Young forming a life long friendship. Mel Kiper said today on College Football Live that King was the best player not drafted. No kidding. This means that Mitch probably had his choice of teams and felt comfortable with Tennessee. Jeff Fisher is one of the best coaches in the league. My guess: Mitch sticks around and shows the lazy defensive tackles on the roster how to play.

Rob Bruggeman went to Tampa Bay. I was super impressed by Bruggeman this fall. He instantly gelled a line that gave up 46 sacks the year before. Bruggs should be plenty comfortable with his new home stadium, after playing their just 4 months ago and whupping the Gamecocks. My guess: Bruggeman makes the practice squad the first year, but eventually earns roster spot.

King's partner in crime, Matt Kroul, signed with the New York Jets. No word if he's tackled Mark Sanchez yet. Confusing move here. The Fighting Rex Ryans run a 3-4 defense and Kroul isn't exactly B.J. Raji. It'll be hard for him to stick here. Kroul might need to find a better situation.

The forgotten senior Andy Brodell signed with the Green Bay Packers. Bad news here: the Pack are loaded at WR. Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, and Jordy Nelson. Jordy Nelson is basically Andy Brodell, except better. Hopefully Brodell sticks around, but it's hard to imagine.

Interesting song choice. Mainly because it's been forever tainted by...

Also, Bruggeman's link is a link to all the undrafted signees. Check out your favorite team's new players there.

One last note, in the interest and curiosity of Al Davis' ever evolving senial-ness. I checked out who Oakland signed after the drafted. Turns out, they signed a wide receiver out of Harvard named Desmond Bryant.

Is it out of the question that Al Davis thinks Harvard's Desmond Bryant is Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant (only the best receiver playing college football next season)?

I don't think so either. Discuss.

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  1. You can break this draft into three categories: The Good, The Bad, and the Al Davis. The Raider's picks had me flabergasted.

    Anyways, I really hope King can find a role with the Titans and have some sort of NFL career. There has to be a spot in the league for a guy with King's motor/intensity.



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