Monday, April 6, 2009


According to the Gazette, James Ferentz and two other Hawks were arrested earlier this morning for public intox. This is the second alcohol-related offense for Ferentz before he's even stepped on the field. Is it possible Kirk kicks his own son of the team if he's found guilty? Discuss.



  1. No way should James Ferentz be kicked off for public intoxication. I know it's his second offense, but that does not merit being booted from the team. I'd say a hefty suspension and community service would do. Obviously James needs a heart-to-heart from pops. Brian never had any off-field behavioral problems. Kirk's gotta be irate, but he won't kick James off the team.

  2. It could happen. If Kirk made a point with his own son that things need to be taken seriously by kicking him off, maybe others would quit finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I don't really think he'll get booted. Maybe if it was a more severe offense. Then again, a parent/coach is always a parent first, and if James' dream is to play Iowa football, I doubt his father would kill that, regardless of what he does.



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